Swisscom and Orangeclick GPRS

Mobiles Internet mit dem Mac ist einfach, wenn man das nötige Modem-Skript (von hat und die Telefonnummer (für GPRS die “APN”) kennt. Benutzername und Passwort bleiben leer, und die “Telefonnummer” bei Swisscom ist; bei Orangeclick mit Express-Option ist es click.

One week per year I want to connect my Powerbook to the internet using GPRS. In principle this is easy: choose the right modem script in the Network Preferences and fill in the provider details.

Modem Script

Unfortunately, the Modem Scripts that come with OS X are rather old. I tried the newest one (for a T39), but failed. I asked the Swisscom hotline for help, but they told me that they don’t support Apple Computers and directed me to the commercial solution from (“Mobile High Speed” for €87).

Next time my Powerbook was connected I found the Modem Script site of Ross Barkman with all the Scripts I wanted and the important piece of information, that you need to enter the APN in the phone number field.

Provider Details

I had two options: a Swisscom Mobile SIM card and an Orangeclick SIM card. Once I knew where to enter the APN, the configuration was easy, but navigating the provider sites to find the Details is not. This is what I found (and what worked):

  • Swisscom Mobile GPRS Configuration (PDF): APN is, leave user name and password empty.
  • Orangeclick GPRS Configuration (the link works only when logged in): APN is click, leave user name and password empty. You need to buy the Express option for GPRS with Orangeclick!
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