I’m cleaning up shelves and have got an old “SIBO SDK 2.10” which I haven’t used in years. It is a Software Development Kit for 16-Bit Psion handheld computers like Psion Series 3 or Psion Workabout. If you are interested in two floppy disks and four folders of documentation, please drop me a note.

I’m cleaning up old harddisks in my vintage PCs and found a DOS partition that I used solely to run the emulator S3AEMUL for the Psion Series 3a. This emulator was once available for free: a clever marketing trick! I got soon hooked and bought my first PDA, back in 1995. Out of nostalgia I tried to get the emulator running again – but without leaving OS X, of course. Thanks to Parallels Desktop this should be easy, I thought. Read More ...

Peter Steiner

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