WordPress and new hosting provider

For some time now I wanted to change my weblog to a server based one. I did no extensive research, but what I read about WordPress made my try it first locally and then for good. So far I’m happy with it.

To get the nice permanent links (like http://pesche.schlau.ch/2005/04/14/wordpress-and-new-hosting-provider/), the web server (if it is an Apache httpd) has to support mod_rewrite. After some failed tries I mailed my hosting provider (hosttech.ch) if they could enable mod_rewrite. This is the answer I got:

mod_rewrite ist auf dem ganzen Server auf OFF, da diese Funktion den
Server in arge Schwierigkeiten bringen kann.

(mod_rewrite is disabled, because it can cause big trouble for the server). But there are other providers that are not that uneasy about this feature. I asked some explicitly about it and picked one with a quick response. It is somewhat more expensive, but I even got an SSH connection.

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