Realpolitik for OS X

After much carbonizing by Ben Hines and some polishing by me a new Realpolitik Release is available on Sourceforge, the first release for OS X.

The release version Realpolitik 1.7.0 Alpha1 is not yet stable (hence Alpha 1), there are still some known (and probably many more unknown) errors like selection and redrawing problems with the orders window, but with some care (backup your .dpy files!) it should be usable.

Parallel to the Mac version a new Windows version is out. It’s called Alpha too, but should be as stable as the old releases. The only major change for the windows version is the switch from Mindvision Installer VISE to the NSIS installer. VISE was once free for shareware developers, but is not anymore. And NSIS looks at least as good as VISE, is open source and has CVS-friendly plain text configuration files.

Unfortunately I can’t maintain the version for Mac Classic OS; there is no free compiler available and I have no access to a commercial one.

There are some bugfixes in the new version that existed for some time in the CVS repository and just waited for someone to compile a new version. More bugs are known and will hopefully be corrected in the near future. 😉

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