Two Years Big and Small

It is exactly two years that I ordered my first Mac, a 12 inch Powerbook. It’s compactness and completeness (almost everything built-in without protruding parts, Bluetooth and fast WLAN, except the second and third mouse key) make it still the right choice. And with OS X it has a decent operating system that lets you use the mouse if you want to, but the power of the command line is integrated in a better way than with Windows and Cygwin.

I work with many operating systems (Windows and Linux at work and home, OS X at home and on the way, and others in an earlier life) and am not biased towards one OS in particular (well, almost not biased), it’s more or less a question of the applications.

Many applications nowadays are cross platform and work regardless of the OS (e.g. Firefox, Emacs and Perforce).

Here is a list of programs that I’m missing whenever I have to work on a Windows machine

And the list what I’m still missing for OS X after two years:

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