Python IDLE with "new" division on OS X

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Kamen got the book Python für Kids. To enable him to use the book on OS X, I wanted to setup the Python environment on the Mac as on the PC: Install IDLE and, to hide the differences between integer and floating point math, configure to use the new division.

Installing IDLE on OS X 10.3 is easy with MacPython. IDLE comes as bundle, ready to be launched with the mouse from the Finder. But for using the new division without the need for from __future__ import division, IDLE must be started with options. How to embed these options in the bundle?

With the help of Jack Jansen and Andreas Glenn from the pythonmac-sig, I found out how:

  • Use the Finder to make a backup copy of
    /Applications/MacPython-2.3/IDLE, just in case you get
    something wrong
  • Open /Applications/MacPython-2.3/
    in your favourite editor
  • Insert two lines after the first sys.argv.insert line. It
    should look like this:
    sys.argv.insert(1, mainprogram)
    sys.argv.insert(1, "-Qnew")

That’s it! You can launch IDLE from the Finder and verify that 5/2 equals 2.5 😉

IDLE Screenshot

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