Dizygotic Twins: Quarkus 3 and Wildfly 28

Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6

In the last couple of weeks both Wildfly 28 and Quarkus 3 were released, and with respect to Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6 they are dizygotic twins:

  • Jakarta EE 10
    • Wildfly supports all EE profiles: Jakarta EE Platform, Jakarta EE Web Profile and Jakarta EE Core Profile
    • Quarkus supports the Jakarta EE Core Profile (this is part of MicroProfile 6)
  • MicroProfile 6
    • Wildfly 28 supports basically everything from the microprofile “umbrella” (the left box) and in addition also LRA and Reactive, except MP Metrics
    • Quarkus supports everything from the “umbrella” AND the “standalone” specifications, but OpenTracing and Metrics are deprecated; and note that for OpenTelemetry you need to use an (official) extension.

Observability: Metrics and OpenTelemetry

Already two and a half year ago, Quarkus started to recommend MicroMeter over MicroProfile Metrics.

Now Wildfly 28 does a somewhat drastic step, it added support for MicroMeter and OpenTelemetry and removed MP Metrics and MP OpenTracing, see the Wildfly 28 Announcement.

Quarkus and Maven

  • Quarkus 3 now supports Maven 3.9
  • To display the dependencies of a Quarkus application you can use mvn quarkus:dependency-tree instead of mvn dependency:tree

Peter Steiner

Software Developer and Opinionated Citizen