Meine bevorzugte Software, um Photos mit GPS-Koordinaten zu versehen, ist GPSPhotoLinker.

Until recently, it was not easy to find an affordable and easy-to-use software for the Mac to match photos with GPX track logs (see also the review on trick77). There is HoudahGeo, which works very well, but is also quite expensive (€25) for a tool that does only one thing.

  • PhotoGpsEditor works, but I don’t really like its interface. The Pictures and Track Lists are unsorted and when adjusting it’s not very clear if need a negative or positive offset.
    Unsorted lists in PhotoGpsEditor
  • The new version 6.2 (released a week ago) of GraphicConverter has now support for GPS data. As I use GC for other editing tasks, I would like to use the same program also for tagging. GC lacks control over the matching process, most important: you can’t specify the time offset. Before tagging, you have to change the time stamp in the photos themselves (!) to UTC (because all times in a GPX file are UTC times). Then you can match the photos with the GPS track points and revert the time adjustment (I use jhead for adjusting the time stamp of JPEG files).
  • What works best for me is GPSPhotoLinker. The version 1.6.0 was released two weeks ago and fixed a nasty time offset bug for photos that weren’t taken in the computer’s time zone. In GPSPhotoEditor you don’t specify a time offset (where you always have to think if you need to add or subtract), but you choose the time zone of the photo. And because it shows you the values of your system time zone together with its sign, it’s very intuitive which time zone you must choose.
    GPSPhotoLinker Time Zone Setting

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