Safe Sleep — almost

Intelligenter Winterschlaf-Modus auch für ältere portable Macs — aber Achtung!

Matt Johnston found out how to enable the hibernate mode (a.k.a. the Safe Sleep introduced with the new HiRes Powerbooks) for older Macs.

I tried it on my 867 MHz 12″ Powerbook and it works. Finally changing batteries doesn’t require to shutdown and restart anymore — or so I thought.

After some hours testing I reverted the hack. I observed two problems:

  • The fan wouldn’t start anymore and the Powerbook got pretty hot
  • The clock stopped when sleeping

Nice work, Matt, but in my case: 🙁

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2 Responses to Safe Sleep — almost

  1. Jeffrey Hartman says:

    I followed your procedures for enabling hybernation on my non supported PowerBook. It seems to work fine but I loose my mouse after it wakes up. Can you tell me how to reverse the process so that it will just go to sleep instead of hybernating when I close the lid now?
    Thanks very much,

  2. Pesche says:

    Follow Matts instructions: Use sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 to reset the hibernation mode (this got me back the clock) and the script (and a reboot) from Matts site to undo the firmware change (this gave me back the fan).