Pathé Westside – Pathetic

Das neue Multiplex-Kino im Westside zeigt vor allem synchronisierte Filme. Wer möchte da schon hingehen?

The programme of the new multiplex theatre in the Westside shopping centre in Bern (Pathé Westside) is disappointing. For two movies you have the choice to view the original version with subtitles or the dubbed version; three movies are German. But for the other four films you have no choice, even for the evening screening, but to view the dubbed version. What a shame!

PS: The opening is today, but the Westside theatre is not active yet on the Pathé web site. Instead a link to another Swiss movie site.

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2 Responses to Pathé Westside – Pathetic

  1. Vera says:

    Anstatt solchen Schmeiss zu schreiben, hier die Adresse um das Program vom kino pathe westside zu sehen:
    Gehen Sie hin, Schauen Sie sichs an. Ich kenne kein anderes Kino in Bern, dass soooo schön ist und soviele Filme zur Auswahl gibt. Ich denke Ihr Berner habt ein bischen Mühe mit dem Fortschritt…..

  2. martin says:

    that’s ok for me. Only you have to know that or you choose another cine. I doubt that you go into the city without a clou what you want to see. Pathé has other interesting concepts (member cards) but if you like westside or not, that’s up to you